Sept 11 2001 History Magazine, a perpetual magazine dedicated to the history and facts about 9/11, welcomes submissions from scholars, uniformed workers, family members, students, and general public of diverse fields and backgrounds. CyberBOOK+ Publications, the trademarked, publishing arm of the not-for-profit Art Science Research Laboratory, announces the initiation of its second electronic publication conceived as an online locus to explore our collective memory, the objective data, and all forms of expression on one of the most harrowing days in the history of the United States and of humanity.   As a refereed, interdisciplinary project, Sept 11 2001 History Magazine does not subscribe to any single point of view and is committed to presenting a wide range of peer-reviewed articles, interviews, and news reflecting the magnitude of emotions and impacts on September 11, 2001. Sept 11 2001 History Magazine will cross boundaries of media, discipline and format, drawing from science and the humanities in order to generate perpetual dialogue, while offering standards for ethics in journalism as well as studies of history and society.   Sept 11 2001 History Magazine invites submissions from everyone: students, scholars, artists and laypersons. Our perpetual magazine design requires continual submissions for historical developments, scholarship, creative works, reader testimonies and feedback; all to be enhanced by multimedia capabilities and CyberBOOK+ Software developed by the Arts Science Research Laboratory.   Important features for contributors include: Perpetual and 24/7 global accessibility of your contribution Possibility for unlimited full color illustrations and photo reproduction Inclusion of author’s own animations and video Option for ASRL’s customized creation of animation/video clips for further enhancement and communication of your ideas Unlimited length from book scale to a paragraph Digital footnote references (ability to toggle between footnote # and designated footnote with two clicks) Multiple authorship welcomed 3 Options for your submission: 1) For online submission, please use FTP client or click the link below for submission page, and provide enclosed user ID and password. User ID: wtcsub Password: wtcsub 2) Or send your submission in the body of an e-mail (and. doc-attachments) to Include name, address (both e-mail and ground) and telephone number. All submissions should be in MLA Format. All Footnotes must appear at the end of the submission, numbered within the text as (1), (2), (3), etc. 3) You can also submit via regular mail in the form of two print copies or one diskette (3.5″ or 5.25″). Both PC and Mac disks will be accepted. If sending a disk, please note the software version on the disk’s label. Submissions and queries should be addressed to: Editorial Sept 11 2001 History Magazine ASRL 62 Greene Street, floor 3 New York, NY 10012 Important Notes: * We accept continuous submissions. * All materials copyrighted in accordance with the DMCA * Amy’s Guideis a basic outline of the Modern Language Association’s reference and citation guide. For specific questions regarding format, consult the MLA website. * For further information, please contact us via email, or call with proposals, inquiries 212-925-8812. Just ask for Yaling Chen, Eli Varenberg or Ashley O’Dell