Stephen Jay Gould WTC Articles

Stephen Jay Gould held up in
Halifax Hotel Room on Sept 12 2001

(1) Appeared in Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, on September 20, 2001. The last paragraph paraphrases several lines from the Canadian national anthem, and Mr. Sukanen truly existed (as does the town of Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan). Evangeline belongs to Mr. Longfellow’s artistry, but their link, as Canadians at home and now resident in the United States, reinforces the theme of this small tribute.

(2) New York Times op-ed, September 26, 2001. They used a different title; I now restore my original and intended.

(3) Natural History Magazine. I wrote this piece after the other three of this section. The chronology is important for my general intention and feelings, but, for obvious reasons in the context of this book, the subsequent piece must come last.

(4) Boston Globe, op-ed. September 30, 2001.