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Poem: WTC. by Henri Chariot

We had a landmark off Holland tunnel.

Looking south we knew where North was.

Gone now, some to a dump, other to ashes.

North is not gone! Oh no! A landmark is!

And we will always return to empty skies.

Imaging light reflected in the clouds above,

the ones who where in windows, a sky away.

Making two towers merging in a huge array.

Giving light a field to play. Left us in sorrow.

Birds won’t be lured again, us the ones to be.

Save the birds to migrate . We had it here.

Trees growing out of rocks. Mowing’s done.

Time’s been. Time is gone. Do another part.

Let them be and leave where they’re called.

Not to encounter our builders madness.

In shade of night, off our ambitious illusion.  


Poem: The Wingless Bluebird by Nadja Spiegelman, Stuyvesant High School Student

Shimmers, ripples, shatters breaks

Frosted glass in crystal lakes

Soft as air and hard as stone

Violence vibrates in each bone

Pulsing through the telephone

Orange bursts, flashing bright

Fireworks tear through the night

Colored lights dance on the wall

Music throbbing through it all

Stand up proud and stand up tall

Block it from your battered brain

Lock the doors against the pain

Cruel as crimson, cold as ice

Hurting once and hurting twice

Barricade your paradise

Let the screaming children cry

Let the wingless bluebird fly